I'm back

Yea I'm back and its the middle of 2014.
And actually I almost forgot I've my own blog.
Thanks for someone who remind me about my old diary.
I dont have many thing to share.
But everything I shared it through my twitter account.
By the way I already finished my study at UTM kl.
Will graduate on this October.
And the good news is,
I'm one of the successful candidates for LAME Trainee at APR- ATC
So gonna cont my study on this october as
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Trainee.
Wish me luck guys. 
By the way there are my official social account :

Twitter : @ausssssss
Instagram : @ausssssss
wechat : ausssssss

 Its aus with 7 's'
Thats all from me today.
Have a nice day ahead.

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